dog training outdoorsOutdoor training with dogs is far more beneficial to our dogs’ training success. The majority of pet parents who have dogs enjoy being outdoors. Dogs love being out in the fresh air. Outside is where real-life distractions are happening. Outdoor training provides unexpected, unplanned opportunities to train our dogs in normal everyday surroundings, including encounters with skateboards, bicycles, strollers, children, playgrounds, cars, other dogs, squirrels, bunnies, sports games, people, etc. Inside 4 walls is limiting and restrictive.

Teaching, practising and proofing training with our dogs is easy. With a fair system, we can easily achieve reliable low, medium and high distraction training skills. All puppy and adult dog levels, puppy k., beginner adult, intermediate and advanced skills, are reliably taught and achieved outside. Many trainers may find it easier to avoid conducting classes outdoors because they will have to deal with the unexpected. However, our dogs share real life with us everyday, and hopefully they get to go out with us to see new places and experiences. The more reliably we proof our dogs, the safer, calmer and more welcomed they will be.

Dress accordingly any time of year, find a  good trainer who offers classes outside, then go   to it and enjoy the deep bond interacting with your dog while learning new skills and tricks!