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Pet Parent Thank you card


We are so thankful, Michelle, for your expertise training our dog Huxley. Huxley is a wonderful dog, full of love and affection towards us and his big brother but we struggled with his reactivity in the “real” world. We came to you literally in tears, terrified that Huxley might bite another dog or much worse a person. You’ve shown us in only a few short weeks how small adjustments in our behaviour bring out the best in Huxley. He’s noticeably calmer, more confident in our leadership (because we are too) and less reactive. Thank you so much for helping us show the “real” world what a beautiful, sweet boy Huxley really is! – Kate & Courtney

Michelle was immediately able to isolate a significant void in Lola’s training, and show us in a matter of minutes how to change our behaviours to provide our hyperactive puppy with the calm, assertive leadership she was craving.  In addition to helping us with Lola, Michelle helped us with our newest foster dog, Mac.  After listening to our concerns and observations, and assessing him herself, she began training him and us.  Within 48 hours of that initial meeting with Michelle, he evolved from an aggressive, reactive, bully that we couldn’t trust, to a respectful, gentle boy who is a true pleasure to be around.  Michelle is absolutely incredible to work with – she is kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards both the animals and their humans.  She is quick to offer praise for what has been done well, and gentle guidance in areas that need improvement. We wholeheartedly endorse and refer Michelle to all of our friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers we meet at the dog park! – Jaclyn

Oh my goodness! I called Michelle after going through many training classes where I could not communicate with him as he would be so on edge and jumping around and whining! I bought a private class where she assessed him and told me to come to group class. I was trying to not be very nervous! (He had already bitten a few dogs, no major damage but still!).  She took the leash from me for the first half of the class and I was shocked the difference that half hour made.  He had previously tried to bite and growl when I tried to take command and within a few weeks we were working as a team instead of against each other! Ranger even has a handful of friends he can be unsupervised off leash with, which I never thought would have happened before! We can even go on hikes without walking way off the trail to avoid other dogs! Ranger and I can’t wait to join Michelle in the spring for more classes to improve our off leash and social skills! I would recommend her to anyone! -Chelsea

I have known Michelle for over 2 1/2 years .  She was recommended to me by my vet.  When I first got my golden doodle Mia, a Christmas present for my son, I had never owned a dog before. I met Michelle and started doggy training classes with her. My son and I learned so much through her classes. She then became my daycare for Mia. I have never met anyone who knows so much about animals and cares so much. Mia and Michelle have grown so close as have I. I feel as if we are family. I trust her completely to care for Mia and she treats her as her own. As a person Michelle is caring, compassionate, and very understanding. I went through an illness last year and Michelle was by my side, taking in Mia and keeping her overnight any time I needed. I have recommended DCT CANINE SERVICES to my friends and clients without hesitation as you will receive the best care for your dogs. – Fateema Hudda

I met Michelle while at a soccer game for my son. I was with my Rottie and was observing a group of dogs together amongst many people and distractions. I approached and asked if she was a trainer. I told her my issues with my dog and she assured me it was easily “fixable”. Although my Rottie is very people-friendly, she is not socialized properly with other dogs. I was afraid to take her for walks because she is strong and has hurt me in the past by pulling or jumping. Michelle’s approach of training the owner is awesome. She gives you the tools to know how to deal with your dog. She inspires a confidence level in the dog-handler and teaches you how to communicate what you want from your dog in an effective and calm manner. Michelle is a trainer who does not “punch the clock”. She sets out on a mission of educating – and until she is satisfied that dog and dog-handler have learned what she wants to teach us that day – she goes beyond the time allotted. Every session is different and exciting. I have learned so much in so little time. The value I have received goes far beyond what I have invested. Her prices are extremely reasonable. I highly recommend this lady all the time! When we get another dog – I will be bringing it straight to Michelle! – Gert Visscher

I have a golden retriever named Bailey. She was a lot more work as a puppy than I had anticipated and I couldn’t have survived the puppy stage without Michelle’s guidance, help and training. Bailey has become the dog I wanted her to be because of Michelle. My dog is now 2 1/2 and still goes to daycare on a regular basis because it has become her 2nd home. Michelle loves Bailey and she in turn loves the attention that Michelle gives her. We are very grateful for everything she has done for us. – Laurie Weller

My husband and I have been taking our two dogs Jax (Schnoodle, 3 yrs) and Callie (Yorkie, 5 yrs) to Michelle’s dog training classes for over two years now. She was highly recommended to us through a friend when we adopted Callie as she had a lot of aggression toward other dogs and was unpredictable when walking on a leash. From the first moment I spoke to Michelle I had hope. Michelle has always been available through texts, calls, before and after classes to talk about their progress and any questions or concerns we’ve had. Michelle empowers the owners to have confidence, to understand why the dogs are doing what they’re doing, to continually assess the situation and to be proactive with expectations. We have seen so much progress with both our dogs and feel confident with the skills we have learned to set our dogs up for success. We highly recommend Michelle and look forward to continuing our classes with her.  -Shelley and Cory McKinnon.

Lula – our rescue dog – was almost uncontrollable and even though I have years of dog ownership I was on the brink of giving up.  Michelle calmly and gently trained us both and now Lula is a wonderful, happy, calm dog.  Thank you Michelle – I would recommend you to anyone.  – Ellie King

Our dog was so hard to handle when we adopted her two years ago that we really thought we couldn’t cope, despite our best efforts.  But, you worked with our new girl and with your support and love (and teaching us along the way!), we have a very well-behaved and adjusted member of our family.  Can’t thank you enough Michelle! – Jean Blackburn

Thank you for all that you have done for Tasha.  You came into her life when she needed help and you gave her hope; when we thought she would never be able to lose her fear of other dogs.  After what you taught her, her life became more pleasant.  She became more tolerable of other dogs and was beginning to lose her fear and aggressiveness.  Your determination, care and confidence led her to become a more acceptable and confident dog. – Nelly, Johnny & Tasha-Thea

Dearest Michelle, I would like to thank you so very much for all the help, support and training that you have given not only Capone but me to.  I have seen a noticeable difference in my puppy over the past 8 weeks.  He is much more “polite” with guests and is all too willing to obey any command given.  We have received so many compliments on his behaviour as a young puppy.  – Sablirer and Capone

Dear Michelle, Thanks again for helping train my owners!  They’re now much easier to handle.  Love, Fred Michelle – Daycare has been very good for Sadie.   – Donna, Ken, Kallie & Sadie Brearley

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