dog pulling woman in fieldA common problem that I see is dogs pulling on their leash.  Most people use human reaction to attempt to change this by pulling backward on the leash. Attached at that moment is displeasure by the Pet Parent. Sooo… the dog goes immediately back to pulling. The K9 brain works opposite of our brain. So pulling the dog back with being unhappy attached, only says to their dog, “keep pulling on leash”. All poor behaviour is easy to fix – this is too. By simply taking some time, show the dog what the mistake is by using the leash in the same direction as the dog IS pulling. The auto reaction is to move in reverse: moving back FROM pulling. This is where a professional can make it make sense. It is easier when the Pet Parent sees how it works to put it to practice. Now not pulling on the leash becomes the habit.

The most common way people set up their dogs to fail is by not taking a few minutes with their dog to explain what is the acceptable behavior and what is not, and they give up too soon when training. People seem to be more patient to explain proper behaviour to their children, but not so much to their dog. 🙂 This where a seasoned professional can expedite training to the tune of big smiles when the Pet Parent sees what their dog IS capable of, in often short periods of time.:)

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