dog biting peopleHere’s a story about a dog who tried real hard to bite me multiple times anywhere he could:

When the dog finally stopped I praised the dog and said “Thank you, I really appreciate that.” His future Pet Parents were standing there and asked, “Why did you thank the dog for trying to bite you ?” I said, “I was thanking him for stopping trying to bite me.”

I could have got mad and blamed the dog who was trying diligently to bite me. Instead, I watched my thoughts because they become your attitude and chose a positive, progressive viewpoint the dog could read.

It’s really easy to find things to complain about. The thoughts and attitudes we have impact much more than we realize with our dogs and make for a more enjoyable day or life, or a miserable day or life. What lies before us or lies behind us are small matters as to what lies within us. Help rather than hinder your dog.

I enjoy sharing many years of dog training experience and knowledge.