small black dogOur canine companions do not continue getting better at obedience and manners because we do a Puppy Kindergarten class and perhaps a Beginner Adult dog training program. Our dogs get better as we continue to educate and practise with them. There is sooo much more after puppy and adult training levels! I witness many of my pet parents come into a puppy or adult beginner course, perhaps never having experienced a structured training environment, see how FUN and easy it is, and then continue on through beginner level 2, intermediate, advanced levels 1 through 4 and so on. Sometimes they even carry on to competition obedience, rally o, agility, CGN, etc.

Dog training doesn’t need to end. It is available for us to keep going with our dogs simply because we see the joy on our dogs’ faces and the animation in their movement. They go home relaxed, tired and pleased because they were satisfied mentally and physically. They are especially happy we have dedicated time to them in this way. All dogs originated for a purpose, jobs if you will. In other words, don’t walk away from the next training level, if you like and trust your trainer, and she/he has dedicated their lives to understanding dogs and the various training possibilities for success – the levels of progress are infinite.

It’s great exercise for the pet parents too!