One of my Pet Parents wrote this after I worked with two of her dogs:

white and tan pitbull mixSeveral months ago, we began the search for a trainer to help us with our then 9-month old puppy, Lola.  We had successfully taught her a few basic obedience concepts on our own, but soon realized we needed help in molding our fun-loving, adrenaline junkie pup into the breed ambassador we knew she was capable of becoming.  Once we met Michelle for an initial introductory assessment and lesson, we immediately knew our search was over and that we had found the right trainer to help us and Lola take things to the next level.

Michelle took the time to listen to our concerns, and asked questions about what training modalities we had tried to date.  She was immediately able to isolate a significant void in Lola’s training, and show us in a matter of minutes how we change our behaviours to provide our hyperactive puppy with the calm, assertive leadership she was craving.  We were able to see Lola transform before our very eyes during our first meeting with Michelle, and it became clear that we were in the best hands possible.  We didn’t hesitate to enrol Lola in a series of lessons, and our weekly training sessions have been a true joy for both her and us.  Lola has so much fun during her classes that she cries when she knows we’re approaching the training grounds, and clearly has fun learning new ways to please us.  In fact, we have been so impressed with her progress that we are signing her up for another series of lessons to hone her skills even further, and teach her more fun tricks.

In addition to helping us with Lola, Michelle has a very big heart and was gracious enough to meet with us to discuss some challenges we were having with our newest foster dog, Mac.  After listening to our concerns and observations, and assessing him herself, she began training him and us.  Within 48 hours of that initial meeting with Michelle, he evolved from an aggressive, reactive, bully that we couldn’t trust, to a respectful, gentle boy who is a true pleasure to be around.  Thanks to the tools that Michelle taught us and him, and her confidence in us to rehabilitate him, he is well on his way to full recovery and socialization.  Had we not met Michelle and been equipped with the tools we learned through her training us and Lola, we would have been inclined to give up on him just as his previous owners had.  We truly believe that she is a miracle worker, and has been hugely instrumental in saving his life.

Michelle is absolutely incredible to work with – she is kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards both the animals and their humans.  She is quick to offer praise for what has been done well, and gentle guidance in areas that need improvement.  She is calm, confident, and a great communicator with humans and dogs.  She doesn’t judge or make assumptions, but rather provides guidance, tools, and techniques to help all parties involved.  Her love for animals is unparalleled, and her experience is unmatched.  We consider her to be the best kept secret in the lower mainland as far as dog training is concerned!

We wholeheartedly endorse and refer Michelle to all of our friends, family members, colleagues, and even strangers we meet at the dog park!  Michelle, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you for equipping us to be the type of dog owners that we always desired to be but didn’t necessarily know how to be, and for molding Lola and Mac into the breed ambassadors we always knew they were capable of becoming.  We look forward to our next set of sessions with Lola, and are excited for our future as dog owners thanks to you.

With sincerest thanks,