jumping on kidJumping Up: the most common mistake pet parents make is either pushing the dog off or pulling the dog down, often with displeasure attached at that moment. So the dog then attempts to “please” by jumping. A dog that is practiced at jumping up, to be fair must be set up and shown what the mistake is (jumping onto people) and shown what the desirable behavior is (all 4 on the floor). The dog should be shown that the desirable behaviour will get rewarded. A common training technique is to IGNORE the dog when arriving home or when visitors arrive. NO touch, NO talk, NO eye contact until the dog is calm submissive. Then acknowledge the dog. Not calm and excited, rather calm and submissive only. If the dog jumps when acknowledged, again NO touch, NO talk, NO eye contact. Only reward by touching and talking when dog is providing acceptable behavior.  For more details and help with this problem, join me for one of my group classes or book a private dog training session.