Care and Train

Would you like Michelle to train your dog while you are on vacation? If you are too busy with work and life to train your dog, this option is also for you. Your dog will live with Michelle in her home, where she can care for your dog and train your dog. Michelle will work one-on-one with your dog on obedience skills such as heeling, basic commands or advanced skills. For consistent results in new skills and removing bad habits, there is a minimum three weeks of boarding and training.

This is not a kennel setup – your dog will live family-style with Michelle, her dogs and her other guest dogs. They will get lots of love and individual attention. Your dog will be taken on regular walks\pack walks and will always be supervised.

Please bring your dog’s food, feeding dishes and a couple of toys. If your dog uses a crate, blanket or dog bed, bring that too to help your dog feel more comfortable at night.

DCT maintains a no refund policy on all services.